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2022 Words for Creating and Being: December

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december 2022 words for creating and being by anna brones

New month, new prompts in the 2022 Words for Creating and Being series.

Prompts to reflect the season. The cold of the outside, the warmth that we create inside. Use these prompts however you like, but particularly in this season, consider them as a chance to create a little quiet space for yourself. Space to write, space to draw, space to think. Space to be present.

1. intend
2. hibernate
3. pause
4. jubilant
5. leisurely
6. flicker
7. stroll
8. bring
9. hush
10. unfold
11. heal
12. reverberate
13. gleam
14. tender
15. gracious
16. festive
17. gaze
18. sparkle
19. joy
20. adorn
21. midwinter
22. delight
23. frigid
24. spark
25. entertain
26. linger
27. lull
28. dormant
29. brisk
30. interlude
31. leap


What happens when we sit with a word? When we unpack it? When we investigate every single letter? When we consider what’s behind the definition? That’s what these words are for. They are intended to create space for contemplation, they are an ask for you to invest time in the creative process in all of its forms.

You can find previous monthly lists of prompts here. Be sure to check out the new Creative Fuel Collective platform too!

As always, these monthly prompts and a lot of my other work are made possible thanks to supporters on Patreon.

Written by Anna Brones

December 1, 2022 at 06:04

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