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Champagne Champagne Natural Wine Bar (and Shop) on Orcas Island

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“I want to be as serious as I need to be to run this place. Otherwise I don’t give a shit about being serious.” – Amelia Carver, co-owner Champagne Champagne.

My profile of Carver and her partner Brian Crum went up recently on Sprudge Wine. The two run a super cool natural wine bar on Orcas Island in Washington State. In my opinion you never really need an excuse to take a ferry ride, but if you did, this is a good one.

I appreciate what Carver and Crum are doing, particularly because their business is based on values that they believe in.

“The reason we’re doing natural wine is that’s the way we farm, it’s how we treat the land,” Carver says, referencing their own plot of land. For her, serving natural wines is a way to make a connection for local growers on the island who care deeply about how their food is grown.

“So many people live and die by the principles of permaculture here, but will drink bad wine,” Carver says. “I am someone who is ruled by natural forces.” But because it’s Carver, she quickly adds: “But also, fuck pesticides.”

It’s Friday, so if you needed a little wanderlust for your weekend, you’re welcome. Next time you’re on Orcas Island, make sure to drop in and say hi.

Most importantly, let’s heed Carver’s advice and remember to take things just a little less seriously once in awhile. Because if we can let go a little bit, we can better appreciate all those small moments in between. Breathe. Play. Enjoy.

Written by Anna Brones

September 14, 2018 at 05:47

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