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Paris Coffee Revolution: Buy the Book

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Paris Coffee Revolution the Book photo by Jeff Hargrove

What makes an “artisan” an “artisan”? What does it look like when you try to do business not as usual? What happens when you challenge the status quo? What does a “passion job” look like?

These are some of the questions that we tried to answer in the book Paris Coffee Revolution, which was just released in October. It’s a book telling the story of the growth of the Paris specialty coffee scene through profiles of some of the city’s main “coffee revolutionaries” who helped to kickstart that growth.

Paris Coffee Revolution the Book photo by Jeff Hargrove

I worked on this book for a long time with photographer Jeff Hargrove (our own passion project!), and we are so happy that it’s finally released. If you’re in Paris, you can track it down at all of the coffee shops featured in the book as well as the new Shakespeare & Company cafe.

Paris Coffee Revolution the Book photo by Jeff Hargrove

Just in time for the holidays, did you know that you can now buy a copy of Paris Coffee Revolution and have it shipped to your doorstep? If you’re a lover of coffee, Paris, craftsmanship, or simply looking for a gift that’s a little different, we would be honored to have you purchase a copy. You can snag one here.


Written by Anna Brones

December 11, 2015 at 21:55

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