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Do Some Good, Build a Village in India, Score Some Gear

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If there’s one reason that I believe in travel it’s because it opens up our eyes, not only to the world around us, but to our own communities as well. Traveling gives us perspective, and it heightens our awareness and sensitivity to a variety of issues. We live in a global village, and every step we can take towards making that village a better place — both at home and abroad — is a good one.

Passports With Purpose is built on that idea — that “travel can change the world.” For the last two years, its founders and a whole lot of travel bloggers have put together their efforts to raise money for a good cause. Last year the initiative raised over $30,000 and built a school in rural Cambodia. This year they’re raising money for LAFTI, an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of the Dalit (untouchable) population in India. Raising $50,000 will allow LAFTI to build an entire village of homes.

And of course, PWP wouldn’t be PWP without the opportunity for prizes (because sometimes everyone needs some inspiration to give).

How to take part: For each $10 donation that you make to LAFTI (which means it’s tax deductible!), you will will be entered in the giveaway(s) of your choice. All proceeds go directly to LAFTI. Check out all of the prizes up for grabs here.

What you can win:

There are lots of raffle prizes available, and I’m pretty excited that the good people over at Innate Gear offered to give a pretty sweet travel combo.

There are plenty of reasons to love Innate: they’re Canadian, they sell a swoon-worthy reusable espresso mug that is sure to get your morning coffee a newfound level of respect (or just hold your wine during your backcountry escape — see above) and they make super snazzy “travel envelopes” out of waste materials.

All around a pretty fabulous company. So for $10 you can get entered to win a package that includes:

  • 1 tea culture vacuum flask
  • 2 doppios
  • 1 set meta envelopes
  • 1 portal neck pouch
  • 1 portal waist pouch

So hop on over to the Passports With Purpose site and get to donating!

Written by Anna Brones

November 18, 2010 at 18:15

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