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Drop Everything and Become a Conservation Photographer?

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Photo courtesy Cristina Mittermeier, iLCP

That’s what the iLCP makes me want to do… they’re in the Great Bear Rainforest right now doing a Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition, where they’re documenting an incredible place that could be severely affected by potential gas pipelines. In other words, they’re fighting oil industry interests. An important cause at a crucial time. After spending ten days in the Gulf last month, this is even more poignant for me than it ever has been.

And they’re doing it all with photos. When we see a place, we connect to it. We are hopefully driven to protect it.

Founder Cristina Mittermeier wrote an excellent piece this week that’s a great reminder of why we need to connect the dots:

What is the big deal in sacrificing the livelihoods, traditions and sustenance of entire indigenous communities, when the rest of us will not accept paying the full ecological and social price at the pump?

Read the whole post here.

Written by Anna Brones

September 9, 2010 at 16:57

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