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The Bike-Thru

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Love this idea so much I had to cross-post from my Foodie Underground column over on EcoSalon:

The drive-thru: an iconic institution fueled by the American spirit to hit the open road. But in this day and age, drive-thrus have become synonymous with unhealthy lifestyle habits, both because of the food they serve and the mode of transportation used to get there. But what if the food was good, and getting access to it promoted sustainable living habits?

In Madison, a restaurateur is looking to open an eating space that’s anything but a drive-thru; he wants to launch a bike-thru, accessible only by two wheels. The Wisconsin capital is already known for its cycling culture, in fact it’s currently ranked the nation’s #7 city for biking, and Chris Berge thinks it would be the optimal spot for what he calls a “bike-in” bar and grill. The proposed restaurant would be built on the city’s Southwest Commuter Path, making it inaccessible by car, and commit to serving local food, and producing zero garbage. He’d also make it a great place for riders to get a quick rest stop, with bathrooms, a fountain for filling water bottles and a bicycle repair service station.

Although the restaurant hasn’t been officially proposed yet, the idea has already garnered the support of the mayor of Madison, Dave Cieslewicz. “I think it’s fascinating idea,” Cieslewicz said. Be it a love for good, local food or a passion for two-wheeled transport, the idea has the potential to take off in other cities as well.

Conscious urbanites know that combining a love of bikes and food makes sense, and restaurants that offer ample bike parking for diners that arrive on two wheels are already getting plenty of national traction, and in places like Venice Beach, there’s even valet velo parking.

And for those that can’t make it out of the house, there are lots of two wheeled foodie delivery options from soup to coffee to jam. Vive le culinary velo revolution!

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  1. Damn straight it’s a good idea. Terrific, in fact.

    And it fits nicely that the food is healthy, because there’s no way you can cycle comfortably after a greasy burger and a handful of donuts.


    July 17, 2010 at 15:11

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