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Friday Photo: Waiting

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It was a warm spring day, the kind when parents have a difficult time keeping their children close by and even well behaved dogs just want to sprint into oblivion. I on the other hand just wanted to take it all in, and sat at one of my favorite downtown cafes. Iced coffee in hand, it was the perfect people watching position, allowing me to observe all the ins and outs of one of the first true days of spring. The kind of day that reassures you that, no, winter isn’t going to last forever.

Benches lined the sidewalk in front of the cafe, and a fashionable and smartly dressed woman sat down to take a break, probably engaging in the same activity as I was.

Or sitting an waiting for her next afternoon engagement, committing time to simply enjoying the moment.

Written by Anna Brones

March 26, 2010 at 10:16

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