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Good Music for a Good Cause: French Caribbean

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I never enjoyed the trendy music of Guadeloupe; reggaeton will probably never be my style. But the authentic rhythms that mix traditional Creole and French sounds are one of a kind. French Caribbean is an excellent collection of just that, and Putumayo just re-released it in order to give 100% of proceeds to Haiti Relief efforts. Good music for a good cause.


Article cross-posted from Planet Green.

When a crisis like the recent earthquake in Haiti hits, it’s hard to focus on the positive. Since January 12, 2010 most of us have been consumed with images of devastation. We’ve heard stories of families and communities ripped apart and we’ve discussed how a country that was in a situation of such poverty even before the earthquake struck will ever be able to rebuild itself. But an essential part of having that discussion entails focusing on the positive, moving away from the heart wrenching images of the effects of a natural catastrophe and instead highlighting the creativity and warmth of a people.

That’s what Putumayo World Music believes. In response to the earthquake in Haiti, the label is re-releasing two albums with sounds and rhythms straight from the affected region: French Caribbean and the children’s CD, Caribbean Playground. 100% of the proceeds from each album will be donated to the Red Cross for Haitian relief throughout 2010.

“In 1976, I had the extraordinary experience of visiting this unique country and became a fan of its music, art and people. As a resident of New Orleans, I’ve witnessed how a city can come back from virtual ruin. Haiti will rise again!” – Dan Storper, Founder/CEO

Forget reggaton, French Caribbean is a collection of more traditional French Creole sounds that make the music from this region unique, a perfect start for those who have yet to add these sounds to their musical repertoire. These are the sounds that have enlivened carnivals and street festivals of the islands of Haiti, Guadeloupe and Martinique and the collection holds true to its musical roots of zouk and twoubadou.

The CDs can be found at retailers around the world or online on the Putumayo website.

Here’s to celebrating the vibrant and beautiful side of Haiti and supporting relief efforts all at the same time.

Written by Anna Brones

February 23, 2010 at 10:18

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