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Late on Earth Day all I can think about is tea and Wend

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It’s late and I’m on deadline, making me feel like I’m in college again. “The paper is due Thursday morning at 9” brings back memories which are pretty firmly linked to the library. Times have changed however, and I have traded the library and coffee breaks for a quiet room in a girl-filled house and a cup of Swedish Himlagott tea.

If you missed it, today was Earth Day. Over at Gadling we overdid ourselves with green related posts, myself included. In other cool, eco/outdoor related news, Wend Magazine recently went live with its virtual edition.

The outdoor magazine believes in good ideals like saving the planet, and allowing for online, paperless subscriptions is a good way of doing so. The current issue is free and can be downloaded in its entirety to be enjoyed later. So wherever you are in the world, there is no excuse to not take part in the wide world of Wend. Trust me, it’s a good magazine and well worth a look.

Written by Anna Brones

April 22, 2008 at 21:21

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