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It’s been over two months since I returned (well, semi-permanently) to the US, and although I was itching to live in a real room instead of out of a suitcase, I can already feel that travel bug starting to crawl all over me. Why? Because travel pushes us. Not that everyday routines don’t, but there is something truly special about living or traveling in a new place and accomplishing small tasks.

So as I sit in the cafe and start to feel ansty and I see that I have somehow wound up at the Kayak website once again (I admit it, I have an obsession with airfare searching) I need to remind myself of the lessons that traveling teaches and how to incorporate them into my Portland routine. In fact, I need to just take some of my own medicine and re-read this article that I wrote on exactly the subject, published today on Brave New Traveler. But sometimes such things are easier said than done.

Written by Anna Brones

February 22, 2008 at 11:11

Posted in Portfolio, Travel

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